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If you haven’t considered smart for your business before, now is the perfect time to explore the compelling advantages of choosing smart. smart really is the complete package, offering big car luxuries, value for money, low running costs and bags of personality.

The smart Brand

Stylish, innovative and full of personality, smart is the ultimate expression of who you are. So if you want a premium car that's both aspirational and economical, smart makes a refreshing change from the everyday. And as well as being kinder to the environment than most cars, they can also make your business stand out from the crowd in a totally unique way.


All smarts have built-in safety features designed to prevent or protect in the event of an accident, because keeping you and your passengers as safe as possible has always been the aim of our designers. Because we share DNA with Mercedes-Benz, there’s sound German engineering at the heart of every smart – which means you can benefit from the kind of equipment found in cars twice as big and expensive. For example, unlike any of our competitors we fit ESP as standard to every smart fortwo – as recommended by EuroNCAP.

In a nut shell: smart’s distinctive looks are a result of a unique safety feature – the tridion safety cell. Common to all smarts, it gives you all-round protection - just like a nut in a nutshell. Made from 3 layers of reinforced steel at all the vital strategic points, it’s designed to distribute impact energy evenly through the safety cell in the event of a crash. 

Other key safety features include:

  • full size driver and passenger airbags
  • collapsible steering column 
  • seat belt tensioners & belt-force limiters 

  • aluminium profiles within the door panels 
  • abs (anti-lock braking system) 
  • esp (electronic stability programme) 

  • hydraulic brake assist
  • acceleration skid control
  • H7 projection headlamps.


As well as looking stylish, smarts are really useful too! Here are just a few examples of why smart makes practical sense for businesses:

Special bodypanels: Did you know that smarts have dent-resistant plastic bodypanels? This means that they can shrug off minor knocks, however if you are unlucky enough to sustain damage to a panel, the good news is that it’s quick and easy to have it replaced.

More parking: Out on business? Don’t waste time looking for parking: with the smart, sneaking into unusually small spaces suddenly becomes an option. The smart is also ideal for businesses with limited parking space. Because you can pretty much fit two smarts into every normal parking space, you could maximize your parking capacity, and potentially double the number of cars in your pool fleet.

Free mobile advertising: Forget expensive advertising – why not use your cars as a mobile advertising board? Because smarts are so striking, they have great standout on the road. It’s the practical and stylish way to communicate your business, wherever you go.


If looking after the environment is as important to your business as it is to ours, then the smart fortwo or forfour is the perfect choice for you. From its conception, smart has always considered its impact on the environment. The whole smart ethos is about preserving the environment however we can, so we like to make sure everything from the design and production stages through to the vehicle itself is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The new mhd (micro-hybrid drive) system is a wonderfully simple way of significantly cutting down on emissions and fuel costs, without having to compromise on performance. It works by stopping the engine at times when the vehicle is stationary, for example when queuing in traffic. The benefits (and the savings) quickly add up, especially in urban situations. mhd is now standard on all 61 bhp and 71 bhp fortwo coupé models.

With this focus, and a recyclability rate of 85%, it isn’t hard to see why we were recently awarded an environmental certificate from the Öko-Trend institute.


smart appeals not only to the heart but also to the head – take a look at these great reasons to choose smart if you want to minimise the costs of buying and running a company car.

  • The low CO2 emissions of the smart fortwo contribute to low company car tax.
  • Low fuel consumption, low maintenance and low emissions make for low cost of ownership.

  • Low insurance so covering your staff on the road won’t cost the earth.
  • With low P11D values, you save even more in tax.

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