What is a Service Plan? | Hughes Group

What is a Service Plan?

Service plans allow you to spread to cost of you car servicing over a chosen period of time, and pay monthly rather than at the time of each service. This guarantees a set cost of your next 2 or 3 services and means that the price is inflation-proof. You can decide how many years you want your plan to last and tailor it to the number of services your car is going to need.

Your monthly payments will cover the cost of all manufacturer recommended service items required in the service schedule, for example, brake fluid, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter and screen-wash.

And you will have the reassurance of knowing that all of your services will be carried out by our manufacturer trained highly qualified technicians, using genuine approved parts.

Service plans will vary depending on the manufacturer, so you can find more specific information under the service sections of each of our manufacturer pages.