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Car Maintenance Tips


The brake discs, pads, drums, shoes and fluid all need to work well if you want to feel confident you can stop your car safely. Here are some signs of possible problems:

  • The brake pedal feels either softer of stiffer than usual
  • The car or brake pedal judders when you stop the car
  • Your car pulls to one side as you brake

Wiper blades

Many accidents happen because the driver can’t see the road ahead properly, and faulty windscreen wipers are often to blame. So look out for problems like these:

  • Your wiper blades leave streaks or smears on the windscreen
  • They are noisy or don’t move smoothly
  • They leave some parts of the windscreen wet


A few good reasons to have your tyres checked:

  • Good tyres give you better road-holding and more effective breaking, especially when it’s cold or wet
  • The legal minimum for tread depth is 1.6mm. But even at 3mm braking distances are significantly reduced
  • You could get a fine of £2,500 and 3 penalty points for EACH illegal tyre on your car

Pollen/Dust filters

Pollen filters are designed to:

  • Do more than filter out pollen – they also protect you from pollutants and germs
  • Help asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Stop deposits building up in the ventilation and air conditioning systems

Timing belts

Your timing belt is a relatively small part, but it’s vital for a smooth running engine.

  • It helps to stop the moving parts of your engine from colliding into each other
  • If it breaks, it could cause an accident or land you with a major repair bill

Air Conditioning

Regular air conditioning checks will make sure you:

  • Have the temperature you want in the car
  • Get rid of any germs building up in the pipework
  • Can demist your windows quickly for safer driving

Brake fluid

Did you know your brake fluid:

  • Gradually absorbs water, making your brakes feel “soft”
  • Could lead to costly repairs if it gets too low
  • Needs replacing every two years