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Protection Packs

Protect your Peugeot from the bad weather

During these colder and wetter winter and spring days, we’ve created a series of accessory packs to give your Peugeot a bit of extra protection and help stop the elements making a mess of your car. With three packs to choose from, you can decide how much protection you want.

Pack 1 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps
The best way to provide effective protection of the original carpets inside your car, while the bodywork outside is shielded from damage that can be caused by road debris.

Pack 2 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps and boot tray
The addition of a high sided boot tray ensures protection against dirty items and helps to contain any small spills in the boot.

Pack 3 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps, boot tray and sill protectors

Complete the full suite of accessories with attractive sill protectors that will protect your car sills from scuffs and scratches.​

Paint Sealant

  • Designed to keep your paintwork as pristine as it was in the showroom, our Paint Sealant Products provides your car with an invisible protective barrier – with a high gloss finish.

  • It shields the paintwork against the elements, tree sap and pollution.

  • Paint sealant is professionally applied by trained technicians.

  • It means maintenance is easy – all you have to do is wash the car.

  • There are a range of Paint Sealant Products which offer a 3 or 5 Year Guarantee.


  • Protect and preserve the look and feel of your car’s interior with our specially formulated InteriorGard.

  • Once applied to your car’s fabrics and carpets, the resin based formula will repel spills and stains – making light work of cleaning.

  • A protective invisible barrier prevents against marks and reduces friction on fabrics, preserving your interior’s look and feel.


  • The perfect product to keep your car’s leather in superb condition, our LeatherGard formula has been designed to both clean and protect your car’s upholstery without affecting its supple feel.
  • LeatherGard helps to preserve, care for and maintain the new look of leather seats.
  • It restores and conditions the natural oils within the leather.
  • Allows the leather to breathe, which helps to prevent it from drying out and cracking.
  • It also protects against any dye which may be transferred from clothing onto your car’s interior – which once protected, will simply clean off.

Parking Sensors

As part of our diverse range of safety accessories, parking sensors help you to face the unexpected, and protect you and your Peugeot.

Front and rear parking sensors help you manoeuvre safely. The system emits an audible bleep when the car approaches an obstacle. As you get closer, the bleeps become more frequent.

When fitted by Hughes of Beaconsfield, the sensors are integrated discreetly into the front and rear bumpers so that they are hardly visible

A set of front and rear rubber mats provide lasting protection from wet, muddy feet. Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly, the driver’s mat is specifically shaped to prevent interference with the vehicle’s pedals and clips into the existing fittings.

Designed to complement the lines of the vehicle, these front and rear mudflaps will help to protect the vehicle’s bodywork from debris and loose stones found on the road that could cause damage to your PEUGEOT.

The ideal thing to keep the boot space interior in top condition, the thermo-formed plastic tray will keep your boot clean when you’re carrying dirty items, and dry should any small amounts of liquid get spilt.

These stylish door sill protectors not only enhance the appearance of your Peugeot as you open the door, but they also offer protection from scuffs and scrapes. Supplied in a range of finishes dependent on model.

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