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Rescue Assist: Saving Vital Time In An Emergency

Since 2013, Mercedes-Benz has installed QR Rescue Codes in every new car built - the first automotive manufacturer to do so.

Contained within the QR code is the key information needed by the emergency services to quickly, safely and efficiently extract occupants in the event of an accident without endangering either the individuals involved in the incident or those responsible for their rescue.

Any car manufactured since 1990 can also be retro-fitted with a QR Rescue Code. In the event of an accident, the Rescue Services are able to find the vehicle-specific rescue data quickly by scanning the QR Rescue Code using a smartphone or tablet.

On average the QR codes save around two minutes at the point at which the emergency services first arrive on the scene.

The QR codes feature on every new Mercedes-Benz car and can be retrofitted, free of charge, by Hughes Mercedes-Benz to any model built from 1990 onwards.

Fit QR Rescue Codes to my vehicle

If you wish to have QR code stickers fitted to your Mercedes-Benz free-of-charge, please contact Hughes Mercedes-Benz on 01296 321733 (Aylesbury) or 01494 412064 (Beaconsfield). Alternatively, you can fill out the enquiry form above.