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March 2017

More safety, more comfort. More time for me.

The Mercedes me connect standard services can take the strain off you in all sorts of ways – for example by helping with vehicle diagnostics or if you suffer a breakdown or accident. In such cases all relevant vehicle data are sent to the appropriate place and, if necessary, further measures also triggered. This might mean calling your service partner to book your next service appointment, or summoning rapid help from roadside assistance or emergency services. The services available include Maintenance Management, Telediagnostics, Breakdown Management, Accident Recovery and theMercedes-Benz emergency call system.

Remote Online services - Maximum convenience, even when you're away from the vehicle.

The optional Remote Online Services allow you to control your Mercedes very simply from your smartphone. Change your settings or see vehicle information from the comfort of your sofa or from wherever you happen to be. Forgotten where you parked? The Parked Vehicle Locator, Vehicle Tracker and Geofencing services tell you where you’ve parked or if your vehicle leaves a defined area. The Remote Online Services also show if you need to refuel soon (or recharge your electric vehicle).

The Remote Online Services can all be used in conjunction with the equipment option Remote Online. This is available in conjunction with the multimedia systems Audio 20 CD and Audio 20 USB and forms part of the optional multimedia system COMAND Online. Remote Online is part of the standard specification onMercedes-Benz vehicles with electric drive. Use of the equipment option Remote Online is limited to three years from first registration of the vehicle and can then be extended at extra charge.

Live Traffic Information - You have reached your destination: on time.

Live Traffic Information helps you to avoid traffic jams and to get to your destination as quickly as possible. You and other road users provide valuable input in this respect, your movements recorded in real time by an extremely precise traffic data system. This makes it possible to send precisely that traffic information to your vehicle

that is relevant for the calculation of your route and arrival time and, if necessary, for the navigation guidance to be adjusted dynamically. Live Traffic Information comes as part of the optional COMAND Online multimedia system when a vehicle is first registered. The service is then activated for three years.

Remote Park-Pilot - Intelligent parking with the Remote Parking Pilot.

Parking is not really one of our favourite pastimes. However, our smart service comes into play when every centimetre counts. Simply activate the Remote Parking Pilot and step out of the car – you conveniently control the parking manoeuvre from outside the car via the app on the smartphone. The highlight:the Parking Pilot recognises parking spaces as the car drives past them.

The Remote Parking Pilot can easily master even narrow garages, diagonal or tight parking spaces.To test the practical advantages of this service you need the 360° camera, automatic transmission and KEYLESS-GO, all optional extras, as well as a compatible smartphone.You will find all the information you need about perfect parking on the Mercedes me portal!

Mercedes-Benz Apps -

Little things can help in a big way: the Mercedes-BenzApps.

There are lots of very useful apps out there, designed to make life – and now also every journey – easier. With the optional equipment item Remote Online and your internet-enabled smartphone, you can now call up all your favourite apps in your Mercedes. Social networks, internet radio, hotel finder or weather services – almost anything is possible and intuitive to control. Added convenience and infotainment while you’re on the road are ensured by a series of specially developed Mercedes-Benz Apps (Flight Info, Morningstar Finance, News, Parking Finder) in conjunction with the optional COMAND Online multimedia system.

Please be aware that the availability of the various apps depends on the vehicle specification and network coverage. Your Mercedes-Benz dealer will be happy to advise you The integrated Mercedes-Benz Apps are subject to change. Requires a suitable mobile phone (see and access to a data option as well as use of the mobile phone as a modem (tethering) via a mobile service provider. Additional costs may be incurred during use (depending on the service provider).

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