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Mercedes-Benz SMART Repairs

At Hughes Mercedes-Benz, smaller problems like a scratch on the bonnet or a chip in the windscreen are still treated like a big deal, because we know how annoying they can be.

Our Small to Medium Area Repair Technology workshop can fix everything from a dented wing to a torn seat. All you have to do is book an appointment, bring your Mercedes-Benz in and we’ll repair it as quickly as possible.

Even better, with SMART repairs there’s no need to claim on insurance, there will be no impact on your no claims bonus and no effect on your insurance premium. So the next time you need a minor repair, choose the SMART solution.

Mercedes-Benz Bumper Repairs

Mercedes-Benz Bumper Repairs

Bumper scuffs and damage can not only ruin the appearance of your car, it can also affect the vehicles resale value. Bumper repairs are a cost efficient way to make your car looks like new again, without the expense of needing a complete bumper replacement.

The Hughes Mercedes-Benz body shop team have many years of experience in minor car body repairs. Your bumper scuff, scratch, crack or dent will have a high quality finish with professional colour and texture matching.

Mercedes-Benz Windscreen Chip Repair

Mercedes-Benz Windscreen Chip Repair

Prevent a windscreen chip developing into a crack by visiting Hughes for a windscreen chip repair.

Our repair will restore your windscreen's structural integrity and stop it developing into a more costly crack.

Our expert technicians can repair your windscreen during a quick 1 hour while-you-wait appointment.