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Hughes Jeep Tyre Centre

Dedicated Tyre Specialists

Hughes Jeep in Beaconsfield have dedicated tyre specialists who understand the importance of regularly checking your tyres to ensure they are always safe and legal. This increases the life span of the tyres and to help you save fuel. They also have great tyre knowledge, meaning they can recommend the best tyre for your vehicle.

Free Tyre Check Service

Hughes Jeep offers all its customers a free tyre check service that allows a specialist to cast a trained eye over your vehicles tyres. They will inspect the condition of the tyre, measure tyre tread depths and check and correct tyre pressures. The findings will be detailed in a written report for your convenience.

It is recommended that you check your tyres every month, and we are here to help. Either drive-in for a free tyre check or, if you would prefer, book a time in advance and give our service team a call on 01494 412070 .

Cold Weather Tyres

Nearly half of all accident claims are made during the winter months. Consider switching to cold weather tyres over the winter period as they are specifically designed to improve traction. Handling below 7 degrees, they are proven to reduce braking distances by up to 20%, as well as increasing grip levels by up to 50% in icy conditions, reducing your risk of skidding.

Our tyre centre also allows you to benefit from:

  • Very competitive prices that are inclusive of valves, balance fitting and disposal of your old tyres. We constantly check our competitor’s prices to ensure we offer our customers the best value for money in the area
  • Increased stock of tyres on our shelves, so the tyre you need should be in stock when you visit, meaning you can drive away safely straight away
  • If we don’t have your tyres in stock, with two deliveries a day we can guarantee same day ordering, making sure we get you back on the road as quickly as possible
  • Various tyre makes and sizes in stock

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Give our Jeep tyre specialists a call on 01494 412070.

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