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Front Wheel Tracking Check

Driving over kerbs, speed bumps and potholes can knock out your front wheel tracking. This can affect your car’s handling, making it feel as though it is pulling to one side. This also increases tyre wear and fuel consumption.

Hughes Jeep offers a Front Wheel Tracking check and adjustment service at our Beaconsfield site.

Signs that you will you need a Front Wheel Tracking Check:

  • Your car pulls to one side (if this is excessive pull and you have owned the car for a while and noticed the difference)
  • Uneven tyre wear – If the tyre is worn on the shoulder and the tread looks feathered, this is caused by the tyre scrubbing at an angle
  • Your steering wheel isn’t centred
  • Vibration
  • Your car wanders
  • Your vehicle has been in an accident
  • You have hit a pothole (even if the car has no visible damage)
  • Your vehicle has a buckled wheel

What is included in a Front Wheel Tracking Check?

Most independent garages just carry out a tracking check and charge for this service without checking the basics first, however our extensive check includes:

  • Tyres and pressures
  • Front suspension and bearings
  • Front toe (in and out) adjustment. Too much toe in will cause scrubbing on the outside of the tyres, too much toe out will cause scrubbing on the inside of the tyres.

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We can offer you a Front Wheel Tracking Check including adjustments for just £39.99.

To book your Front Wheel Tracking Check contact us on 01494 412070 or complete the enquiry form above.