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Cambelt Replacement Advice

Time for your Jeep to get a new cambelt?

We believe that when it comes to cambelts, prevention is always better than cure — and our master technicians are expertly trained to check and change yours so your Jeep stays perfect and you have complete peace of mind.

A little more about your Cambelt…

What does it do?

A cambelt, or timing belt as it is also known, is one of the hardest working parts of your engine and ensures the correct synchronisation of an engine's internal mechanical rotating parts.

What should it be checked and replaced periodically?

The belt revolves at 1000s of revolutions per minute, withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses, so replacing the belt and tensioners at the scheduled intervals is essential maintenance. Without this maintenance, the belt can go slack, making it snap or jump and therefore cause severe damage to the engine.

What happens if it breaks?

If your car's cambelt breaks or slips, serious damage can be done to your engine's internal components as your engine's valves and pistons collide. Repairing the engine is expensive and in extreme cases fitting a new engine is the most cost effective solution.

The technical skills

We believe there is no better place to have your cambelt replaced than with us. Our workshop is equipped with the latest equipment and we have direct access to the latest Jeep technical information. Our Jeep trained technicians will fit original Jeep parts, all of which are rigorously tested and fit perfectly.

When is it time to replace the cambelt?

We'd recommend contacting us directly to find out when is the right time for your particular model, as manufacturer recommendations range from 5 to 10 years.

To find out more please contact our Service team on 01494 412070 or fill out the enquiry form.

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