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Don’t gamble with pothole damage

Steering, Suspension and Geometry Check - £49.95

Available at our Beaconsfield and Aylesbury locations for all brands.

Winter weather can take its toll on your vehicle, causing roads to deteriorate and create potholes that can damage your car’s wheels, tyres, suspension and more.

That’s why we’re offering a steering, suspension and geometry check for just £49.95.

Britain currently has 12,000 miles of potholes awaiting repair; that's more than 30,000 potholes causing misery for motorists!

Damage caused by Potholes

If you hit a deep one – even at a relatively slow speed – you could damage your tyres, wheels and steering alignment.
Hitting one at a higher speed can cause more damage to your car. So, if you’re unlucky enough to hit a pothole, here’s what you need to do:

Check for damage

  • Pull over somewhere safe as earlier as possible and check for any visible damage to your wheels and/or tyres.
  • In some cases, damage might not be obvious immediately, so keep an eye out for any vibrations, or the vehicle pulling to either side rather than being central when driving straight.
  • If you do find signs of damage, call and get your vehicle checked.

Report the pothole

  • To prevent others from being as unfortunate as you and your vehicle, report the pothole to your local county, city or borough council.
  • They can then arrange repairs and prevent any other similar incidents.
  • Motorways and A-Road can be reported to the Highways Agency.

Our all-round-the-wheel-check covers:

​ Tyre damage

​ Wheel damage

​ Suspension damage

✔ Wheel alignment

To arrange your check, call us on 01494 67141 or make an enquiry.