The History of The Hughes Group | Hughes Group

The History of The Hughes Group.

1955 - Hughes of Beaconsfield was founded by Michael Hughes, when Hughes of Beaconsfield first opened they employed just three staff.
1955 to 1977 - Held franchises for over twenty brands including Jensen, Toyota, Jaguar & Ford
1977 – Hughes of Beaconsfield became a Mercedes-Benz franchise holder.
2001 – Hughes acquired Mercedes-Benz of Aylesbury and re-branded it Hughes of Aylesbury
2001 – Became a retailer of the Mercedes-Benz owned smart.
2003 – Hughes becomes a retailer of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge at their Beaconsfield location.
2010 – Hughes opens a Skoda new and used car showroom at the Aylesbury location.
2012 – The Hughes Group, headquartered in Beaconsfield now has 3 locations, represents 9 brands and employs over 350 staff.
2015 – Hughes relocates their Peugeot facilites to a new site in Wooburn Green just 2 miles away.
2016 - The Aylesbury Skoda showroom is re-branded
2016 - The Jeep showroom is renovated