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Drive Kit Plus for iPhone

Tweet, post, share, like – all those things you love doing on your Apple iPhone® can now be done on the road, because Mercedes-Benz now offers seamless integration of the iPhone® into its vehicles' control and display concept.

With the new "Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®" and a specially developed "Digital DriveStyle" app you can access the key content of your iPhone®, which appears in the vehicle display and can be controlled safely and conveniently using the controller on the centre armrest.

Keep in touch with your friends via Twitter or Facebook, listen to your personalised radio station with AUPEO!, send a Glympse of your trip to friends and enjoy 3D city views to lead you to Europe’s most beautiful places.

Drive Kit Plus Features:

  • 3D buildings and landmarks 
  • Local Search and Street View powered by Google 
  • Millions of preloaded points of interest including petrol stations, restaurants and other businesses
  • Speed Limit Assistant 
  • Voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions including spoken street names  
  • Real Time Traffic Information  2D and 3D map display (bird’s-eye view) 

  • Best-in-class navigation powered by Navigon – a Garmin brand 
  • Lane Assistant Pro 
  • Real Road Signs 


Apple's Siri™ (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) software recognises and processes natural speech and performs the function of a personal assistant. The spoken input data is transferred via an internet connection to an Apple server where it is processed, and the results are passed back to the end device. The software can act as a personal assistant, providing answers the user's questions or performing tasks that would otherwise require manual input.


  • Social Playlist – listen to your friends’ favourite songs and videos
  • AUPEO! Personal Radio – enjoy music with your own personalised station
  • Internet Radio – find your favourite radio stations from around the world


  • Facebook – listen to your newsfeed, post comments, respond and navigate to events
  • Twitter – reads your timeline out loud and lets you tweet and retweet
  • Glympse – let your contacts track where you are and when you will be arriving via email, Twitter or Facebook


Turn your iPhone® into a travel guide - with internet-based real-time traffic information, extensive navigation functions, point of interest search and alternative routes. The local search powered by Google™ opens up access to millions of points of interest. And thanks to Street View™ you can see a 360° view of the area surrounding your destination before you set off.


Model series Model
A-Class W176**
B-Class W246**
C-Class W/S/C204**
CL‐Class C216
CLA‐Class C117
CLS‐Class C/X218**
E-Class W/S212, C/A207**
M‐Class W166**
GL‐Class X166**
GLA-Class X156**
GLK-Class* X204**
S‐Class W/V221
SL‐Class R231**
SLK‐Class R172**

* Only available for iPhone® 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5.
** from 06/2012, Code 803

To use the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone® you will need the Digital DriveStyle App, developed by Mercedes-Benz which can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes® App Store. Fitted price for Drive Kit Plus is £745 inc VAT.

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To find out more about Drive Kit Plus and for information on availability for your Mercedes-Benz, please get in touch with our Parts and Accessories Department at Beaconsfield on 01494 412076.

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