Catloc | Hughes Mercedes-Benz Commercial


Your Sprinter’s best defence against catalyst theft.

With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Catloc® Security Device, you will be able to confront the rising problem of increased catalytic converter theft.

What makes Catloc® so effective?

​ Unique serial number etched on to your catalytic converter and exhaust

​ Anti-tamper bolts

​ Secure casing for your catalytic converter

✔ High visibility deterrent window sticker

Fit a Catloc® now for just £145 excluding VAT and be confident in protecting your vehicle.

We will also handle the registration of your Catloc®, so speak to us today for more information.

Call Mercedes-Benz of Aylesbury on 01296 321735 or complete the form below to find out more information or to protect your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter today.