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Mercedes-Benz Vito Has ‘Wheel Appeal’ For KerbSafe

When business success depends on your ability to ensure that clients’ vehicles look their very best, you need a van that stands out from the crowd. For Buckinghamshire-based KerbSafe, that means the Mercedes-Benz Vito.

The KerbSafe product has been designed and tested by industry experts to protect alloy wheels against potentially expensive damage. It can also be applied to cover previously incurred minor scuffs and blemishes.

KerbSafe; the brainchild of entrepreneur and inventor Dennis Bone, is sold primarily through the trade and is available in three colours – black, red or, the most popular, silver. One of three vans operated by the business, the Vito is KerbSafe’s first Mercedes-Benz. The father-and-son team resolved to invest in a vehicle bearing the three-pointed star after attending the 2016 Mercedes-Benz VanExperience Live presentation as a guest of Hughes. The company’s smartly-liveried new Vito arrived via Dealer Hughes of Aylesbury. The Long-bodied 111 CDI is now being used by Jonny Bone; KerbSafe's Sale director and Mr Bone’s son, to visit customers and fit its products.

Mr Bone carries stock and tools in his Vito, which is also big enough to accommodate the compressor and associated equipment he and his father plan to install as they move to the next phase in the development of their product.

Jonny Bone, Masters graduate of the Regent’s Business School in London said:

“The finance package we have means everything. Even maintenance is covered by a single monthly payment, which certainly makes life easy. We also have the peace of mind knowing that should the worst happen, Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan emergency road assistance is just a phone call away. The vehicle is also backed by the manufacturer’s three-year unlimited mileage warranty.”
“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Vito’s economy, the handling and turning circle are so good and the steering is so light that it’s a joy to spend time at the wheel. I love the latest Vito’s stylish lines too, image is very important to us as we’re selling a premium product. It certainly helps when you turn up at a customer’s premises in such a smart looking van.”
“This is an exciting time for KerbSafe given the imminent launch of our retail product and the roll out of the business nationwide. The first of which is based in Dublin and has just been appointed.”

Hughes Group Sales Manager Andy Laird said:

“KerbSafe is an excellent product with an equally excellent service. Visually it works superbly and as for value it's perfect.”

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