Keeping you and your drivers safe this winter | Hughes Mercedes-Benz Commercial

Routine checks on our vehicles can save us time and the business budget.

While it’s good practice to check your vehicles throughout the year, it can be even more important during the winter months.

Some drivers might be able to postpone meetings and journeys in winter weather, but many businesses and consumers need vans to able to deliver goods and services on time throughout the year, regardless of what the weather is doing to our road conditions.

To help you and your business moving during this busy period we’ve compiled a free guide to ensure van drivers know what to look out for, covering the vehicle condition and preparation for winter weather, and crucially, any extra equipment to keep on board to help keep moving in the harshest conditions, or to ensure the driver stays warm and fed if traffic remains at a standstill for several hours.

We also offer free visual health checks for all customers, which drivers can take advantage of before winter sets in.

If the worst does happen and you have a breakdown or accident, call MobiloVan and a Mercedes-Benz trained technician with an average attendance time of less than 60 minutes will arrive in a van fully stocked with Mercedes- Benz tools and Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts to get you moving again.

For more information on Aftercare or Mobilovan call us on 01296 321735